Universal Hotel Locator: Software application for facilitating Bedroom Services


Software application that will enable travelers to search and select bedrooms, pay and reserves them for durations they want ahead of time.



It is often difficult for travelers to foreign country to find hotels with bedrooms that best suit them in terms of cost, quality, safety etc. in cities of destinations. As a result they may face risks of various types. Currently, bedroom service giving hotels, guesthouses and pensions (HPGs) are also being confronted with challenge of not being identified and used by customers of various types easily. Thus, aimed at solving the multiple challenges confronted by customers and service givers, I propose for developing internet based software application technology which I call it universal hotel locator (UHL) that will enable customers (tourists/travelers) to easily identify bedrooms service giving HPGs in cities of destination country from where they are online. Through this application, customers will be able to search, identify HPGs with bedrooms that suits them best in terms of cost, safely, quality etc. and then register, pay and reserve rooms of choice online one day, a week, and month etc. ahead of check in date. This application will have  several benefits to both service givers (HPGs) and customers. I also believe that the proposed application will contribute to international peace and security.

What concrete idea do you propose?

Global platform (For example www.hotbedapp.com) having similar capacity with Google will be launched. In the envisaged platform, bedroom services providing HPGs from any city around the world will be enrolled by country/province or state/city from which interested customer/traveler will be redirected to web page of specific bedroom service giving hotel, pension or guesthouse in a country and then city he/she wants to stay. At this juncture, it is worth to note that HPGs enrolled in the envisaged platform will have full features of universal hotel locator (UHL) software applications on their individual web pages. In addition the envisaged application requires international regulations, laws, terms, policies etc, that service giving HPGs, customers, bank and insurance service giving organization etc. should abide by regarding service provision, service uses, and financial transaction pertaining to the envisaged application.

After the application has been fully developed and released to users, customers (tourists, business travelers etc.) who are intending to travel out of their country, through this application, they will be able to navigate the country of destination, then to specific city where they want to stay and then after finding the city of interest, they will be able to navigate into HPGs available online and select hotel, pension or guesthouse with bedroom services that best suits them in terms of price, quality, proximity etc. The last task that the customers will do is that they will register themselves online through the envisaged application and perform payment for the durations they want to stay in the bedrooms selected; in return they will receive unique legal confirmation of the reservations. Customers will be able to do all the above tasks from where they are (home country), several days, weeks or months ahead of the actual traveling/visiting day through this application (ULH).

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