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How can digital and technological initiatives, products, services or tools help to make travel and mobility more sustainable?


Question: How can digital and technological initiatives, products, services or tools help to make travel and mobility more sustainable?
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Deadline: Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 at 12:00:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Judging Criteria & Prizes: See below.


Please note that this challenge is additionally called out by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub on A submission of your idea is possible either here via the Climate CoLab platform and via the official changemaker challenge landing page.

It is self-evident that the decision to live more sustainable heavily affects ones travel and mobility habits. Negative effects such as CO2 emission, overtourism, pollution and overstraining of travel destinations have become the self-induced enemies of our time. We believe that digital and technological solutions can enable a more sustainable future of Travel & Mobility Tech, both by changing the travellers behavior and the nature of resources.

For that reason this changemaker challenge is looking for ideas on how to boost sustainability in travel and mobility with technology and digitization. Students, early-stage startups and professionals from around the globe are welcome to submit their ideas.

Please note that you can either apply here via the climate Colab platform and via the official changemaker-challenge landing page.

Key Issues

A traveler goes through several stages during his trip: from booking the trip, catching the flight, grabbing a taxi or public transportation at the destination, to scheduling activities and experiences.

Sustainability should be lived along the entire traveler’s journey. Therefore, we have identified four main components of a travelers journey that could strongly benefit from digital and technological solutions pushing sustainability.

Your are free in combining the following topics or in choosing only one focus field, however, at least one of the four topics is to be covered to participate in the changemaker challenge. When talking about sustainability we equally value ecological and social sustainability.

  • Upgrade to Sustainability

Platforms summarizing various travel products (flights, hotels etc.) often lack transparency or possibilities in choosing sustainable options. We seek ideas that give new impulses for integrating sustainable options, add-ons and services into planning and booking processes.

  • Disrupt Urban Mobility

Public infrastructure should be accessible to all citizens and enable them to be efficient, mobile, and connected while acting sustainably. We are looking for ideas that shape the overall landscape of urban mobility including services and infrastructure in a more sustainable way.

  • The Good Traveler

Traveling can be a burden to local communities and the environment. Subsequently decisions that lead to an improved social and ecological footprint should be encouraged. We seek solutions that engage individuals in a sustainable manner at their travel destination.

  • Beyond Green Booking – Focus Aviation

Passengers usually get confronted with carbon offsetting during the booking process and lack such options after. We are looking for solutions that support travelers in sustainable behavior and decision-making during their travel, for example at the airport or on-board a plane.

Judging Criteria

The pre-selection made on the ground of the following judging criteria will be communicated via email until October, 15th 2019. The finalists will pitch their ideas on December 4th at the Lufthansa Innovation Forum in front of a jury consisting of experts from Lufthansa and our partners, followed by a quick live Q&A session.

  • Impact (25%)  Does your idea really make a sustainable impact (social and/or ecological)?
  • Match (25%)  Does your idea match one (or more) of our focus topics?
  • Originality (25%)  Does your idea differentiate itself from the (digital/technical) status quo?
  • Potential (25%)  Does your idea have a realistic potential to be implemented in the industry?

Applications from both Climate CoLab and the Changemaker Challenge site will be considered. Judging for the challenge will not take place on the Climate CoLab platform


  • 1st Prize: Next to a monetary reward of 5,000 Euro, the prize includes the digital means to advance your idea, exclusive media coverage, a special experience with one of the challenge partners and a dive into LIH´s innovative world.
  • 2nd Prize: In addition to a monetary reward of 3,000 Euro, the second prize offers you exclusive media coverage.
  • 3rd Prize: This prize includes a monetary reward of 2,000 Euro and exclusive media coverage.

Overall, the winning teams receive wide recognition and visibility by MIT Climate CoLab. Additional awards and prizes may be given by either the Judges or MIT Climate CoLab in order to recognize other top proposals.  See contest rules for details