IFWEN stands for: Understanding Innovative Initiatives for Governing Food, Water and Energy Nexus in Cities. IFWEN is a Belmont Forum funded international team of researchers and stakeholders working to advance knowledge about urban governance related to FWEN, and Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI) as its base. 

Improved governance of the interactions between food, water and energy (FWE) in cities can provide significant benefits in addressing some of the most complex global problems, including climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as help achieve other developmental goals such as food security and health.

This research will advance knowledge about urban governance at the different levels related to the FWE nexus (FWEN) using Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI), by developing new concepts and approaches to understand how to assess, govern and build GBI solutions and policies.

The project will develop a framework and tools to assess changes in FWEN, their related trade-offs and the building of innovative capabilities in cities for developing innovative solutions to FWEN (IFWEN) and manage GBI at the urban level.